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Would you like a smoother running business with fewer worries, stress or customer complaints?

Frank Martin President & CEO DRS Fulfillment and AssemblyMy name is Frank Martin, President and CEO of DRS Fulfillment & Assembly Services. When setting up DRS, I felt very passionately that if we could establish a near error-free order fulfillment service, with a staff of well-trained, reliable people, supported by a fast yet flexible software system, we would be able to present a valuable offering which would attract clients who wished to achieve a smoothly running, low maintenance fulfillment operation.

Our high accuracy means you have fewer order processing problems to stress about!

Your customers experience fast, on-time, accurate orders which builds their satisfaction and loyalty to you!

You can spend more time growing your business and less time dealing with the order fulfillment and customer service side of your operations.

I envisioned this to be a win-win-win situation. We would be able to come to work each day with few problems by providing our employees with the tools to perform at a superior level. Our clients would benefit by being able to focus on the sales and marketing aspects of their business. The end customer would be pleased by experiencing a smooth and reliable purchasing experience.

drs fulfillment services san diegoWith a strong computer background we were able to implement an order processing system which allows us to operate with impressive accuracy and efficiency, yet allowing us the flexibility to adjust to each clients specific requirements.

We have carried through with additional emphasis on superior customer service. DRS management emphasizes an in-house attitude encouraging our staff to make our processes work for our clients. Our customer service staff is able to field nearly all of our incoming phone calls with a friendly person answering the call. We feel strongly that waiting On Hold or leaving voice mail messages, is both annoying, and wastes the valuable time of our clients.

We are neither the largest nor the cheapest fulfillment service in California. But at the end of the day, we do not feel that these are the most important factors in establishing a responsive service company which pays close attention to the details of our clients fulfillment processes.

DRS Can Help You Reduce Worries, Stress and Customer Complaints!

But the proof of what we have been able to accomplish in our 13 years of service is best evaluated by our existing customers comments:

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“I would say they believe in customer value and customer service. They are well versed in every area to represent you as a client locally or if you are out of state. 

 They are your eyes and ears to your customers as well. The DRS staff are team players for a startup company or an existing company of many years.

 In other words this company will make sure it is a Win-Win in terms of your price for the fulfillment and their high service level.”



“It is with great pleasure that I give my very highest recommendation without any reservation to DRS. They have a very unique mixture of great service and outstanding customer relationships. I often wonder what I would do without them. I search diligently for a fulfillment company four years ago. The largest companies have high employee turnover and limited customer service.

DRS is medium sized with a great track record and yet small enough to give that personal attention. DRS was also one of the most competitive companies regarding pricing. The web portal is easy to use and they are quite flexible regarding customization of the portal to your needs.

DRS also provides other services that have been helpful such as preparation of documents for the deliveries. The connected me with a very competitive company that makes small boxes. Also, I just love the DRS staff.”


“DRS provides professional and solid fulfillment functions supported by great IT staff. Very useful web based reporting functions. 

Their operation is very flexible in handling various projects and highly responsive to our needs. They provide great accuracy and timeliness in fulfilling our orders. 

They are a true fulfillment partner. Highly recommended.”


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