DRS Customer Portal Instructions

The Digital Replication Services Portal provides web access for on-line order entry and report viewing. 

  • The Portal will allow single order entry as well as batch file uploading for larger orders.
  • The Portal also has the capability (with compatible shopping carts) to exchange data (orders, shipping status, tracking information, etc.) automatically 24 hours per day. 

This document will provide you with instructions on how to input your orders, and guidelines to help you retrieve your reports. 

The website location for the DRS Customer Portal is: http://www.goDRS.com. Connect to this site using your web browser. 

You will find the log-in in the upper left hand corner of the screen. 

Please note: Your browser must be configured to accept cookies and to run JavaScript.

 At the log on screen, enter your username and password, and then click the OK button.

The home screen is divided into 3 sections, representing the 3 functions of the DRS portal.

  1. The top section allows you to submit multiple orders using a single-comma delimited formatted file (see “Import File Formatting Instructions”).
  2. The middle section allows you to manually enter your orders individually.
  3. The bottom section allows you to view your activity reports.

SECTION I: Uploading Multiple Orders from Your .CSV File

This section is designed to allow you to upload your comma-delimited order file from your computer or network. This file must be correctly formatted for accurate importation into the DRS database (see document titled: “Instructions for Creating your Comma Delimited File”).  Type in the path to the file, or click the “Browse” button to locate the file to upload.  

After selecting the file to be uploaded, click the “Send” button. This will submit the file to the portal. (NOTE: Please do not click the button more than once as this may cause a double upload and duplicated orders). After the upload is completed, you will see the following screen:

feedback / confirmation screen

This screen confirms that your file has been uploaded to the DRS server and is being processed for shipping. Click on the “Return to Main” or the “Return” button to return to the main menu, or the “Logout” button to log out of the portal.

SECTION II: Individual Orders

This section allows you to input orders individually. This is very useful if you only have one or two orders to submit, or to input orders that may have missed your batch upload.

Enter this section by clicking on the “Start Here” button in the “Manual Entry of Individual Orders” section of the Portal screen.
This will take you to the order form that you fill out to process an individual order. The “Order Information Entry Screen” is divided into 2 sections: the “Invoice To” and the “Shipping To”. The highlighted fields are required and must be filled in to proceed to the next step.

Order Informatio Entry Screen:

Section I, the “Invoice To” section is to be filled out with the information of the customer or company that the order is to be invoiced to.  Key field descriptions follow:

  • Customer Number:  (Optional Field) A customer number for new customers.
  • Order Number: (Required Field) Input your order #. If no order # is entered, one will be automatically assigned by Keystroke. Be sure that the number you assign does not contain any characters, other than number values.
  • Shipping Method: (Required field) Select the shipping method from the available choices in the menu.
  • Delivery Due Date: To insert a date for product to arrive to its destination. This field may also be used for additional shipping information.
  • Comments: Additional shipping information or order processing instructions.
  • Customer PO Number: If the ordering company/person is using a Purchase Order, input number here for it to appear on the packing slip.
  • Data Entry Person: Name of person inputting the order information.
  • Company Name: The company to be invoiced.
  • Contact Person: Person, if known, whom the invoice should be directed to.
  • Address1:
  • Address2:
  • City:
  • State:
  • Zip Code:
  • Country:
  • Phone Number:
  • Email or Fax Number:

Section II, the “Shipping To” Section: 
If the “Shipping To” information is the same as the “Invoice To” information, simply click on the “Same Address as Section I” button and this information will be automatically filled in for you.

  • Shipping To Company/Individual’s Name: (Required field) The company or person whom is to receive the product.
  • Shipping To Contact Person: Person to contact for shipping information.
  • Shipping To Address 1:
  • Shipping To Address 2:
  • Shipping To Address 3:
  • Shipping To City:
  • Shipping To State:
  • Shipping To Zip Code:
  • Shipping To Country:

Fill in, as many of the fields as you have information for, or wish to keep a record of, making sure you fill in the highlighted, required fields, and then click the “Next” button. If you need to start over, click the “Clear Order Form” button. There will be a display of the recent manual orders, in the bottom part of the window.

Order Entry Validation Screen: This screen allows you to verify the information, which you have entered so far. Click the “Next” button to continue, or the “Change Information”  button to return to the previous screen.
Clicking the “Next” button will bring you to the “Product Selection” screen.

Product Selection Screen: From this screen you can select a product(s) to be shipped. Select the product you wish to order and type the desired quantity into the associated “Qty.” box

Click “Next” to continue to the product verification screen.

Product Verification Screen:
The ”Product Verification” screen displays the item(s) you have selected for shipment and quantity selected. Click the appropriate link: “Save Changes”, “Add More Products” “Change Order Information” , or “Completed – Send Order”

The last screen is the confirmation screen. This will confirm that your order has been successfully submitted and imported into the DRS database. From here you can return to the welcome screen and start the process over from the beginning for another order, or click on the “logout” button to leave the portal.


The reports section has links to your reports. There are 9 standard reports:

  • Orders Received: Access to all orders received by the portal.  User can select the number of days to be included in the report.
  • Back Orders: When product is out of stock and cannot ship, the order shows up on the back order report.
  • Raw Materials: By SKU, the quantity on hand after current orders are shipped.  The “raw materials” classification is normally used when we “assemble” or “kit” products prior to shipping.
  • Finished Goods: By SKU, the quantity on hand after current orders are shipped.  Finished goods are product ready for shipping.
  • Receiving History: A 30 day report showing all items received, including any product returns.
  • Orders Shipped:  A report showing all orders shipped, including shipping date, and DRS Fulfillment charges applied to clients account for processing each order.  User can select the number of days to be included in the report.
  • Online Tracking: A report showing tracking numbers for all orders shipped (where tracking numbers are available).  User can click on the tracking number and view “live” delivery status.  User can select the number of days to be included in the report.
  • Keystroke Tracking: 1 and 14 day printable reports with tracking numbers (for client’s who bill only when a tracking number is assigned).  . These reports are printable using the print function of your browser, or you can save them to an html file.