DRS Services

Exceptional Supporting Services By Design

In addition to Fulfillment Services, DRS has developed a number of in-house supplemental services for the support of our clients growing business needs.

As an experienced outsourced service provider, DRS can provide highly competent support in each of the following services:

  1. Order Fulfillment
  2. E-Commerce Integration
  3. Product Packaging, Assembly
  4. Kitting
  5. Media Duplication services.
  6. Product Distribution to Consumers and/or Distribution Facilities
  7. EDI Order Processing

We have invested heavily in employee training, software, and equipment in order to provide DRS clients with make-sense services at a great value. With a carefully selected range of in-house services, there is little need to transport products to various vendors to make them ready for sale. Saving the additional expense of transportation can be a significant value. Review the drop down items in this Services section in order to gain a fuller understanding of why DRS is Your Best Choice for Fulfillment Services.

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