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Business models continue to change with the growing impact of eCommerce. In a few short years, it has become a most important tool for many businesses to engage and sell their products to customers.

The electronic processing of order information is incredibly fast and accurate. If done correctly, it offers the seller a simplified, less costly method of sales and product distribution.

For businesses who are looking to outsource their order fulfillment process, the secure transmission of their order information becomes an important issue.

The transmittal of accurate and complete order information to a fulfillment service can proceed very smoothly with few problems. Or it can be a major area of frustration, delay and unforeseen expenses.

Often, it is not appreciated how important the choice of a shopping cart (or shopping service) is when considering working with an outsourced service.

If you are planning to use an outsourced fulfillment service, there are two important aspects for making a good shopping cart selection:

  1. Does the shopping cart have a reliable, established method of exporting complete order data to an outsourced service? This is commonly called an API (Application Programming Interface).
  2. Does the fulfillment service have an existing API which automatically communicates with the shopping cart (in both directions)?

There is a huge selection of shopping carts. Often the choice of shopping cart is left to the web-site designer who may or may not be familiar with what makes for a smoothly running order processing system (when connected to a typical fulfillment service’ API).

While a good choice can provide you with a major reduction in expenses and time to set it all up. A bad choice here can cause a major increase in the cost and time required for setting up the transmission of your order data.

A fulfillment service can be a big help by providing an established and tested link to your chosen shopping cart. However, with the large number of shopping carts available, it is best to stick with the more popularly used ones. There is a wide range of capabilities and prices to choose from. By making a good choice, you can save your company expenses, time, and frustration.

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Flexible and Easy to Work With

At DRS, our goal is to make the setup of your data transfer system as easy as possible while minimizing the initial setup costs.
DRS provides several methods of exporting your order information into the DRS on-line portal system.

  • By providing an existing choice of established Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to allow for automated order data transfer from your shopping cart to DRS Portal, and then transferring that data back to the shopping cart. DRS has established APIs for a number of the most popular shopping carts.
  • EDI orders are transferred using DRSs data transfer system.
  • DRS Clients can utilize our standard batch order import facility using a comma delimited file (CSV file).
  • Orders can also be entered manually using the easy to use manual order entry system.

Client Portal Reporting

Orders Received Report includes the following information: Date Received, Order
Number, Ship Method, Ship to Company, Ship to Contact, Email Address, City, State, Processing Step, Import Batch Number, and detailed information on products ordered.

Back Order Report which shows orders not yet shipped due to lack of inventory. DRS
clients have the option of shipping partial orders, or holding orders until all items are received and are available for shipping.

Inventory Reports which show the current inventory levels of each product in stock by
SKU#, and Item Description. Inventory reports are separated into “Finished Goods” and “Raw Materials”. If a client requires products to be assembled, the “Raw Materials” report provides the quantities of each raw material item available for a product assembly.

Receiving Report lists all items received into the DRS warehouse for the client. This includes new products for sale and distribution, and product returns (if the DRS client requests that product returns are to be shipped to DRS). The receiving report shows who the product was received from, items received and quantities of each item, and the date of receipt.

Orders Shipped Report displays the ship date and time, the order number, the ship to company or individual, the order date, the shipping method, and the specific details on what was shipped.

On Line Tracking Report shows the order number, ship date, ship to company or individual, the tracking number, the ship method, the ship to city and state. By clicking on the tracking number, the client’s browser automatically goes to the shippers web site (i.e., FedEx, UPS, or USPS), and displays the shipment progress.

The Keystroke Reports allow the client to view DRS billing online as each order is processed. A choice is provided for the previous day’s shipments, or the past 2 weeks shipments. Additional information can be provided by DRS customer service staff.

Shopping Cart APIs Available

Current API List (several others are under development):

  • 3D Cart
  • ASecure Cart
  • Authorize.Net
  • Brand Force 360
  • Magento
  • OS Commerce Shopping Cart
  • Shopify Shopping Service
  • Volusion
  • X-Cart
  • Zen Cart

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