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DRS was established her in San Diego’s North County in 1999. Initially, our company mission was to provide duplication, assembly, and shipping services primarily to local software companies.

digital media duplicationBut in the early years of the new century, marketing and selling of software started to change. The distribution of software started moving away from a retail package distribution model to a web-based distribution model.

DRS quickly responded by changing the primary focus of our marketing from software duplication and distribution to distribution of all types of products. A new market for DRS services was opening up in a big way.

Yet, with all the changes and additions to DRS capabilities that came with the switch in our marketing focus, we have retained our CD & DVD duplication, packaging, and distribution services. Although it is not as strong as a market that it was in 1999, there continues to be a ongoing requirement for CD and DVD products. And DRS has maintained these functions and the trained personnel to handle primarily short to medium runs of media and packaging.
digital media duplicationIf you have a project which requires a high-quality product, and prefer friendly, personal support to complete your project, let us know your requirements. We stock most standard packaging options, provide very quick turn times, offer shrink-wrapping, and we print package inserts in high resolution color right at our Escondido facility.

By short to medium runs of CDs & DVDs we mean anywhere from about 25 units, to 10,000 units. If you need a larger run, we can do that as well.

Just let use know your requirements. Complete the “Next Step” form and we will take it from there.

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