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Thirteen years ago, when DRS management was in the process of establishing an assembly service capability, our first step was to hire a well-qualified, experienced supervisor (Mr. John Tran) who would head our assembly department, establish guidelines that would provide our staff with the tools to ensure accuracy of assembly, and to meet the on-time order completion requirements of our clients. John is still with DRS.

drs product assembly services in san diego

Then, as our assembly business grew, we added staff that matched our needs for the dexterity, strength, and motivation required to have an efficient and accurate assembly process. As we have added software tools, production equipment, and established sound relationships with a variety of supporting vendors, our capacity to quickly handle large projects has developed to an unexpected degree.

For example, earlier this year, we received an urgent request by a local company who asked us for assistance on a rapidly expanding project that had a 4 week drop dead date. It took a week to receive the 120 pallets of required materials. We then had just 3 weeks to assemble and ship 292,000 multi-product (pick & pack) orders. In addition to our current staff, we hired 24 temporary workers to make the project happen within the target date.

We are proud of the fact that we completed all assemblies and shipped all 292,000 orders with one day to spare. Even we were impressed by the accuracy we were able to achieve. Of the 292,000 orders, we only received 6 returned products. Our software checked all shipping addresses to ensure address accuracy, our automated package sealers allowed us to handle the large quantities within the required time frame; our expanded staff was monitored closely to ensure that all of our work was done accurately. The result was a very pleased DRS client.

This was an unusually large project with a short time frame. But we bring the same expertise and capabilities to all of our assembly projects. 

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